Marketing Mix Modelling Solutions

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Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) is a powerful statistical technique that leverages historical data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of marketing efforts on Sales and Brand KPIs.

MMM dives into past media and sales fluctuations to calculate marketing ROI, optimize budget allocation, and forecast sales performance.

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What are the Benefits of Marketing Mix Modelling?

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Uncover the sales contribution of each marketing channel

MASS_analyse contribution

Analyse the contribution of each factor

MASS_calculate return

Calculate the return on investment (ROI) for individual channels & Campaigns

MASS_optimise budget

Optimise the marketing budget allocation

MASS_forecast future

Forecast marketing performance to accurately plan for the future

Questions that Marketing Mix Modelling has the answer to

✓ What are the drivers of my Sales? My Brand?
✓ How much should I spend on each channel and when?
✓ How much do our competitors’ marketing efforts impact us?
✓ How can I optimise within and across channels?
✓ What is the impact of my promotions, prices and launches?
✓ What is the impact of Seasonality, Economy, Events?

The Marketing Mix Modelling Workflow



Collect granular-level marketing and non-marketing data that influences the modelled KPI



Build statistically and commercially accurate models, using AI powered modelling techniques



Disentangle and qualify the contributors to the modelled KPIs and compute MROI



Disentangle and qualify the contributors to the modelled KPIs and compute MROI

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Predict and plan for different scenarios of your sales performance

Marketing Mix Modelling Consultancy

We offer a wide spectrum of Marketing Mix Modelling consultancy services. Our team of MMM experts ensures that our clients are equipped with the right capabilities to successfully complete their MMM projects quickly and efficiently.

We go beyond providing MMM software solutions and work closely with our clients to help collect and understand the data they have, deeply analyze it, and use the most appropriate statistical techniques to guide modeling, ROI and media optimization.

Our extensive experience in performing Marketing Mix Modelling consultancy projects and Marketing Measurement for a large variety of verticals allows us to offer assistance across all MMM project phases :

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